We always recommend contacting us for a personalized quote due to the custom nature of our products. For your convenience, we've provided average pricing for our most popular offerings.

Wedding Invitations

For our wedding invitations, most couples who choose a semi-custom design invest between $800-$2,000 (depending on print method). Our custom designed suites begin at $2,500 with the average couple investing between $3,500-$5,000. 

Semi-custom invitations are the designs listed in our online shop. These designs are personalized with your unique wedding details, but offer no further customization.

Custom suites are a collaborative process between you and our design team and feature custom elements like venue sketches, watercolor illustration and more.

Calligraphy Envelope Addressing

Hand calligraphy addressing by Hailey is always available to semi-custom and custom invitation clients. Most scripts are available at a cost of between $3-5 per envelope.

Hailey addresses envelopes purchased through other stationers on a limited basis and is usually booked several months in advance. This service ranges from $7-11  per envelope depending on the selected style. Note that Hailey requires the industry standard 15% extra envelopes to complete all envelope addressing projects. 

Additional Offerings

We offer day-of wedding stationery (like place cards, programs, menus, etc.), personal stationery, custom calligraphy commissions and more. Please contact us for a custom quote.